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Perfectly Imperfect Beauty: Bronze Goddess Series: <i>Beautisol</i> Need I Glow More

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bronze Goddess Series: Beautisol Need I Glow More

What Is It:
Need I Glow More? is the first ever skin-type-specific face self-tanning lotion. The Normal-Oily-Problematic formulation is for those with oily or acneic skin. The Normal-Dry-Sensitive formulation is for those with dry or sensitive skin. 

What THEY Say: 

  • Normal-Oily-Problematic: Absorbs oil and purifies the skin
  • Normal-Dry-Sensitive: Moisturizes, hydrates, and revivies
  • Delivers a natural-looking, golden-brown tan within hours
  • Provides instant color so you look bronzed and picture-perfect immediately, all while your long-lasting tan processes underneath
Features & Benefits:
  • Created specifically for normal to oily or problematic skin types
  • Infused with Montmorillonite Clay, Lilac Stem Cell, and Niacinamide to help reduce inflammation and improve acne
  • Lightweight formula prevents the skin from feeling heavy or greasy
  • Pure Scent odor-eliminating technology reduces processing odor
  • Guide color allows you to see exactly where you have applied the product and where you may have missed, reducing streaking and application mishaps
  • Paraben-free, propylene gycol-free, sodium laurel/laureth sulfate-free, and cruelty-free (PETA certified)
Meet the Guinea Pigs:

Guinea Pig A (aka Me)
  • Pasty white (MAC NC15)
  • DOES NOT tan. NEVER. Not artificially nor in the sun. My skin doesn't understand the concept of golden brown and my brain is petrified of melanoma.
  • Testing Need I Glow More for Normail-Oily-Problematic Skin
Guinea Pig B (aka My Sister Rebekah)
  • Medium olive toned skin (MAC NC30)
  • Loves the sun and getting a tan in the summer. Does not tan artificially-prefers to give me heart palpitations every time she stretches out in the sun's rays (thus my ulterior motive for recruiting her). 
  • Testing Need I Glow More for Normal-Dry-Sensitive Skin
Before and Afters

You are about to witness both au naturel without makeup, so brace yourself. Before pictures were taken at night and after pictures in the morning, hence dark circles and vacant expressions. 

Me Before

Me After
(left after, right before)

                                                          Rebekah Before
Rebekah After
(left after, right before)

What WE Say:

We Both Agreed That...
  • thought the unique approach of customizing for skin types was ingenious
  • instruction cards were comprehensive and extremely helpful, especially for me as a first-time self-tanner user)
  • minimized the appearance of skin imperfections and needed to use less foundation to even out skin tone
  • tan was noticeable within hours of first application 
  • did not stain or transfer on to bedding
  • no breakouts or adverse reactions
  • slow progression of colour allowed control of colour intensity
  • each application lasted at least 3 days before showing evidence of fading 
  • product dried extremely quickly making blending a little bit of challenge. We found that working in small areas was best otherwise some streaking occurred. 
  • smell wasn't pleasant (although what self tanner does smell good?)
  • found that the colour was more flattering on olive skin tones like Rebekah's. 
I Think...
  • I liked the healthy glow I achieved after one application. I looked slightly sun-kissed and and my skin was more radiant. When I use this product again, I will do one application every 3-4 days to maintain the colour intensity that I feel is most natural for my skin. 
  • I thought that after second application the tan didn't looks as natural on my skin
Rebekah Thinks...
  • Rebekah liked the concept behind the product, 
  • liked the smooth gel consistency
  • not a fan of the application process (dried too quickly)
  • thought the colour gave a noticeable self-tanner look after the second application
  • wished the colour was more brown based and less golden

**Disclosure: Review samples provided by Beautisol**



At June 27, 2011 at 7:41 AM , Blogger Alice said...

Love the colour it gave you! From the pic I think it looks really nice!


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