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Perfectly Imperfect Beauty: Make A Lasting Impression with Broadway Nails imPRESS Manicure

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Make A Lasting Impression with Broadway Nails imPRESS Manicure

I have to take a sabbatical from my Gelish manicure routine. After my sixth manicure my nails were so brittle that they were peeling and cracking in half so I had to keep them polish free for weeks until they became healthier and stronger. They were looking so tragic that I desperately needed to cover them but didn't want to use polish that would emphasize the unevenness of the nail. 

Funnily enough, one of my students was wearing an imPRESS manicure and recommended them to me after I painfully split a nail during class. She promised that it didn't damage her nails or leave any residue when it was removed. Yes, I took a 16 year old's advice and let me tell you, from the mouth of babes! These nails are amazing!
Can we just take a moment to appreciate this ingenius packaging? Press on nails sold in container that resembles a nail polish bottle. Really, how has no one thought of this sooner? Simply brilliant right down to the twist of cap and spill proof bottle. 
Application took me 5 minutes for both hands. You pick a nail, peel of the the plastic tab protecting the adhesive on the back, press on your nail and-badabing badaboom!-you have a perfectly executed manicure. No messy glue, no smudged polish, and no crack nails. It bears repeating: GENIUS! 
My manicure lasted 5 days before I lost my first finger nail. There are enough spares in the bottle to have 2 full sets with a few extras meaning that you have 2 weeks of nails in each bottle. I actually kept the spares in my desk drawer so I could fix a lost nail in 15 seconds flat. No one was the wiser as I pretended to grab some post-its from my drawer and slapped on a new nail. 
Removing the nails is very easy. You simply wiggle the edges until the start to pull upwards and then just peel off in one move. It doesn't strip off any of your nail and leaves behind no residue. Beneath my imPRESS manicure, my tortured nails were able to strengthen and mend from the havoc I put them through. My local pharmacy can barely keep these on the shelf so when I see a colour I like, I make sure to grab a couple of packages. 

Grade: A+



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