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Perfectly Imperfect Beauty: Leslie Tyler Liplicious Gloss

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Leslie Tyler Liplicious Gloss

I have admitted in the past that I am not a great lover of lip glosses-mainly because of the sticky factor-and very few glosses pass my lips' approval. I am always willing to give new products a chance but can come to conclusions whether or not I like the product quite quickly.

Last month I was contacted by TLK Fusion, asking if I would like to sample and review a new product line from Leslie Tyler Fink, a Houstonian socialite who will be starring in a reality housewife show. In the past, Leslie has trained Chanel makeup artists and has put her knowledge in the industry into developing a large lip gloss collection. Her lip glosses have been worn by celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Leanne Rhymes, and Julianne Hough.

I have been testing these lip glosses for just over two weeks and have developed a solid opinion.

The Packaging

When I first ripped open the envelope I thought that I had been sent the wrong package-"Why did they send me Juicy Couture?" But then I realized that the gold script on the pouch read Flirty Goddess Couture not Juicy Couture. I am not sure if this case is a part of the product line, or simply a part of PR packaging, but it is blatantly "inspired" by Juicy Couture's handbags. Some people may love this, others may not. I tend to fall in with the latter rather than the former, simply because I like unique and inventive packaging, not recycled ideas.

The packaging of the lip gloss tubes is fairly streamlined and uninspiring, aside from the puckered lips inserted between Leslie and Tyler. Each tube has a doe-foot applicator (my favourite), and a funnel in the mouth of the tube so that you do not overload the applicator with too much product. Each container holds .25oz of product, which is a lot compared to other companies that are in the same price range ($17.00/per tube). 

The Gloss 

I was pleasantly surprised by the colour payoff of these glosses. I would classify them as semi-opaque cream glosses (similar to MAC's Creamsheen glass). They have a thick and smooth consistency, and stickiness in kept to a minimum (wohoo!). My lips felt quite moisturized after wearing these glosses.

I was sent two light shades (Pouty Pink and Mint Baby Doll) and two mid-tone shades (Cosmo Pink and Spell Bound). Considering my partiality to red and berry colours, I am quite fond of the two darker shades- the lighter shades were too pastel for my taste. The lighter shades seemed to have a white pigment base with layered colour on top. I think that Pouty Pink in particular would be lovely on women with darker skin tones looking for a fresh of colour for everyday. I kept in mind that I was sent only a sampling of the extensive colour range, and after perusing the product site, some other rich colours caught my eye.

One of the shades I was sent, has a distinct mint scent that I found refreshing. Usually products that are mint scented claim to be lip enhancing, but this one didn't tingle or pucker my lips.

No Flash
Top to Bottom: Pouty Pink, Mint Baby Doll, Cosmo Pink, Spellbound

With Flash
My Conclusions
The product itself is an adult approach to lip gloss (high on the shine, light on the sparkle), but the packaging is a little juvenile. I can see that the branding was going for a luxe and Hollywood persona, but I would have preferred something more sophisticated and luxurious. I do like this product a lot and will probably look into some of the other colours in the range. 



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