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Wrinkles and Blemishes Be Gone! Murad's Solution to Two Skincare Woes

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Perfectly Imperfect Beauty: Wrinkles and Blemishes Be Gone! Murad's Solution to Two Skincare Woes

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wrinkles and Blemishes Be Gone! Murad's Solution to Two Skincare Woes

Skincare companies have been a little slow to catch on to the need for products targeted for adults who suffer from acne. Thankfully, Murad is on the ball and has developed a great skincare system that addresses women's two skin enemies: blemishes and wrinkles. 

A lot of anti-ageing products can be aggravating to blemish prone skin and vice versa: anti-ageing products use rich oils and serums that are too rich, and acne products strip moisture to dry out breakouts. In the past, trying to address both problems has been a Catch-22 because one solution inevitably cancelled out the other. This is no longer a problem with Murad these products use a gentler and long term approach to skin care that has lasting effects. This regimen is not only about quick fixes, but maintaining healthy skin long term and preventing future wrinkles and breakouts. 

The regimen includes:

Time Release Acne Cleanser (Salicyclic Acid 0.5%)
-Eliminates breakouts while restoring the suppleness in your skin
-Low foaming so you know that chemicals are not stripping away the natural barriers and oils on your skin (which causes signs of ageing)
-Actively at work all day so the process of protection and renewal is ongoing

Acne and Wrinkle Reducer (Salicylic Acid 0.5%)
-Minimizes fine lines and heals blemishes without drying them (and the surrounding skin) out

Anti-Ageing Moisturizer SPF 20 for blemish prone skin
-Controls the production of oils in the skin while it moisturizers, nourishes, and protects
-Lightweight and absorbs into the skin quite quickly
-Skin is noticeably smoother

Acne Spot Treatment (3.0% Sulphur)
-A long term staple in Murad's product line, this product targets specific blemishes quickly
-Soothes redness and irritation

**Disclosure: Products in this kit were provided by Murad for review consideration**

Grade: B+


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