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Opa! Survive The Late Night Holiday Parties With KORRES Eye Cream and Serum

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Perfectly Imperfect Beauty: Opa! Survive The Late Night Holiday Parties With KORRES Eye Cream and Serum

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Opa! Survive The Late Night Holiday Parties With KORRES Eye Cream and Serum

Hours of pre-Christmas Break marking and progress reports had left my eyes looking bruised and starved for attention. No amount of concealer could right this wrong and just when it looked like a hopeless situation, KORRES delivered a package to my door.
Alone these products are miracle workers, but together? Let there be light! Goodbye dark circles and under-eye creping!

KORRES Quercetin & Oak AntiAgeing and AntiWrinkle Eye Cream

Inspired by a NOBEL-awarded discovery in cell aging and fuelled by two of nature's most powerful antiaging agents, KORRES Quercetin & Oak is a clinically proven natural alternative to Retinol. A range of ingredients helps to improve the appearance of the eye area. Myrtle extract addresses skin elasticity. Mourera fluviatilis extract provides moisture-binding properties to help maintain the skin's water levels. Baobab polysaccharides leave skin looking and feeling firmer. Rhodiola rosea extract helps prevent the appearance of dark circles and eye puffiness. 

The cream is thick but literally melts into the skin. It initially leaves behind a beat of sheen as it works its  magic but this does not interfere in the least with makeup application. Within moments of applying I noticed my dark circles had lightened and the puffiness around my eyes had reduced by half. The effects of the eye cream lasted all day and didn't cause my undereye makeup to smear or melt. After using this product consistently for a week, I have already noticed a drastic difference in my undereye circles.

KORRES Wild Rose Face and Eye Serum

The Quercetin & Oak eye cream eliminates the dark circles but this serum takes the extra step to being a healthy brightness to dull skin. The KORRES Wild Rose Face and Eye Serum restores radiance and smoothes the look of fine lines with Wild Rose oil, a natural source of vitamin C. It also diminishes skin discolouration after several weeks of use, making it ideal for those with acne scars or sun spots. Baobab tree polysaccharides provide an instant firming and line-smoothing effect. An active agent derived from wheat proteins has been clinically proven to considerably reduce the number, depth, and length of wrinkles

The serum can be used in a few different ways: all over the face, just under the eyes, worn alone or layered with an eye or face cream. My personal preference is to apply a small (read: small) amount to my undereye area and then later the eye cream overtop. The serum ultra-concentrated and should be used sparingly so as not to unnecessarily waste product or oversaturate the skin. The scent-sweet with a hint of spicyness-calls to mind summer evenings in Santorini...not like I would know first hand what that is like, but that is what Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants is for. 
Grade: A

**Disclosure: Products provided by KORRES for editorial consideration**



At December 21, 2011 at 3:48 PM , Blogger Alice said...

If I were to only try on Korres product, which would you recommend?

I just got the little baggie at Sephora with the lip butter in a pot and in a tube. The tube one is a funny colour and but the pot is pretty nice. I think it's like the Body Shop ones though and actually makes my lips start to peel after 24h. And I thought they were supposed to smell yummy but they don't! Ah well.

At December 21, 2011 at 3:56 PM , Blogger Lydia said...

Oh that's too bad! I have used the dark fuchsia one in pot before and really like it but haven't tried the rest of the beauty products. I think what they excel in is skin care. The Body Shop ones always end up in my stocking and they smell yummy!

At December 21, 2011 at 4:07 PM , Blogger Alice said...

But which of the skin care ones? If I use my many points at Shoppers then I want to know what to get!

I hate lipbalms that hydrate and then dehydrate. I got the pomegranate one. I wanted pretty pomegranate colour and smell but I got bright corally/orange and chemical smell. I had just heard SO MUCH about how great the lip butters are. Ah well. To each their own.

At December 21, 2011 at 4:26 PM , Blogger Lydia said...

I LOVE the eye creams. Either the Quercetin & Oak or the Evening Primrose. I tried a sample of the Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturizing and Brightening Cream and I think it is great for an evening moisturizer. I haven't tried any of the other products in the range but I am curious about the Pomegranate Clay Mask.


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