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Perfectly Imperfect Beauty: How I Organize My MAC Palettes

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How I Organize My MAC Palettes

This was requested by one of my subscribers. Please note that this is the result of YEARS of collecting and I actually use all of these products-it is not just senseless collecting. (LE) dennotes limited edition products that are no longer available, however, MAC's colour range is so vast it is easy to find a very similar colour from the permanent collection. My camera is not the best quality so pictures may not reflect the true colour pigmentation.

**Click on pictures to ENLARGE**
Top Row: Creams and Light Pinks, Pink/Purples/Taupe
Bottom Row: Black/Grey/Brown Crease Colours, Blue/Green

Top Row (left to right): Honey Lust, Honesty, Jest, Grand Entrance (LE), Dreammaker (LE)
Second Row: Retropeck, Shroom, Dazzlelight, Blanc Type, White Frost
Third Row: Petalescent, Pink Freeze, Sweet Lust, Hush, Phloof

Top Row: Cranberry, Expensive Pink, Mythology, French Cuff (LE), All That Glitters
Second Row: Sketch, Star Violet, Trax, Plum Dressing, Nocturnell
Third Row: Fashion Groupie (LE), Satin Taupe, Style Snob (LE), Shale, Sable

Top Row: Nehru, Black Tied, Knight Divine, Silver Ring, Smoke and Diamonds (LE)
Second Row: Signed Sealed, Glamour Check (LE), Folie, Twinks, Mulch
Third Row: Brun, Amber Lights, Bronze, Tempting, Woodwinked

Top Row: Shadowy Lady, Contrast, Deep Truth, Strike a Pose (LE), Fashion (LE)
Second Row: Sumptuous Olive, Greensmoke, (missing) Warming Trend



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