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Perfectly Imperfect Beauty: Guest Blogger for Annabelle Cosmetics!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Guest Blogger for Annabelle Cosmetics!!

Check out my first guest blogging post on the Annabelle Cosmetics Blog!

All About Eve(ning): Military Couture

I am having a love affair with Burberry, particularly their ingenuity behind the military couture trend. I am enamoured with the structure, tailoring, silhouette, and detail of the garments, and do not get me started on the coats! It’s no secret that many women have a weakness for men in uniform, so why not let us capitalize on the military appeal and rock the look ourselves?

As a real woman with a very real budget, unfortunately, I cannot run out and restock my wardrobe every time a new trend hits the racks. What I can do (aside from integrating a few affordable pieces and accessories) is interpret the trend through my makeup routine. I am not saying to draw war paint stripes on your face or go black ops and plunge your head into a vat of opaque black pigment. Instead, look at the colour palette and pick the colours and textures that appeal to your the most.

Personally, I was inspired by the metallic buttons, olive green and khaki fatigues, and anything related to the navy (any excuse to wear a red lip). Here are some looks I created to pay homage to this trend:
1.  Button Me Up

Just like polished gold and gleaming brass buttons catch the light’s refection, this shimmery gold look with draw attention straight to your eyes, where it belongs.

What I Used:
Eyecolour Crème in Inca (gold colour as a base), Custom Quad Eyeshadow in Gold Digger (lid, lower lashline and inner corner), Custom Quad Eyeshadow in Bronzed Idol (outer corner and crease), Custom Quad Eyeshadow in Helium (brow highlight), Liquid Eyeliner in Espresso, Mascara,Rouge Velours Lipstick in Sand Beige

2.  Camouflage Homage

This camouflage green look won’t make you blend in, despite the name!

What I Used:
Custom Quad Eyeshadow in Toxic Garden (lid), Custom Quad Eyeshadow in Acid Reflec (inner corner),Custom Quad Eyeshadow in Ebony (outer corner and crease), Olive Chrome Liquid Eyeliner, Mascara, Rouge Metallic Lipstick in Magnétique

3.  Desert Ops:

For this look, I aimed for simple neutrals with a dewy texture (as if brought on from the heat of the desert).

What I Used:

4.  Navy Lady

When I think of the navy, I recall crisp blue uniforms with brass buttons and patriotic red. I combined all of these components for a bold evening look.

What I Used:
Custom Quad Eyeshadow in Bronzed Idol (lid), Custom Quad Eyeshadow in Lagoon (outer corner, crease and lower lashline), Custom Quad Eyeshadow in Indigo Glow (to blend), Mascara,Rouge Metallic Lipstick in Mauve Rocks


At January 7, 2011 at 8:26 PM , Blogger Juju at Tales of said...

That looks fantastic!!

I wish I knew how to do eye make up like that. When I try, I end up looking like a hooker or raccoon.

At January 7, 2011 at 10:54 PM , Blogger Lydia (Perfectly Imperfect) said...

Juju your comments always make me smile :) I actually learned how to do my makeup by watching tutorials and practicing when I knew I had no where to go (that way if I looked like a raccoon I could hide the evidence).


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