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Perfectly Imperfect Beauty: Review: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Review: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Personal Update: First, I want to apologize for my sluggish posting over the past few weeks. I started a new teaching job three weeks ago so I was immersed in curriculum planning and transitioning. Now that I am on Christmas Break, I am going to catch-up on my backlog of posts. Thanks to everyone for their patience!

And now on to the good stuff....
I bought my first bottle of Estee Lauder Stay-In-Place Double Wear Foundation back in August before going on a trip to the Mayan Riviera. At that time, I was looking for a long wear foundation that would cover my acne scars and wouldn't melt off in the Mexican heat. This foundation performed so well that I continued to use it into the autumn and now winter, and I can confidently say that I am completely sold. 

-Does not budge or smudge all day. Perfect if you don't have time to do touch ups at work.
-Survives extreme weather conditions (hot and cold)
-Medium-full coverage using very little product and still have a natural finish
-Broad colour range with three classifications: Neutral (N), Warm (W), and Cool (C)
-Easy to blend and work into the skin for a flawless finish
-Non-acnegenic and doesn't clog pores
-Fragrance free
-Makes a great tinted moisturizer when you add one drop into your day cream
-SPF 10

-Can look cakey if you apply too much. Less is more
-Not lightweight like it claims (although it isn't as heavy as Revlon Colorstay)
-Pricey, although one bottle can easily last you 4+ months
-No pump so it can be hard to control how much product comes out (apparently a MAC pump fits on the nozzle) 
-Does not photograph consistently:

I purchased 1N1 Ecru, which is their lightest shade in my tone, but it is still too dark for me. It worked in the summer, but it is .5 of a shade too dark for me in the winter. I mix 2:1 with my Revlon Colorstay in Buff to get the perfect colour and it doesn't affect the consistency of the foundation. I'm not sure how ideal this foundation  is for dry skin, but it works great for combination to oily skin. 



At December 19, 2010 at 2:05 AM , Blogger Justine @ Productrater said...

I got a sample of this in the same colour and found it too dark too, I am NC15 and find that Linen, which is the warm version works better and is slightly lighter. I have dry skin and agree with you, it's hard to pull off without looking cakey and dry. Great review.

At December 19, 2010 at 7:47 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! The photos are crazy. I wonder if it is the SPF? I know you can get a weird 'glow' from SPF under flash, but you look like you're in whiteface here! Even in the better photo your face still looks too light (or your chest looks too dark).

I like your reviews! Keep them coming!

At December 19, 2010 at 10:30 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I ask how do you apply it?
I have to use the Beauty Blender, otherwise it will look like a mask on my face.

At December 20, 2010 at 1:11 AM , Blogger Lydia (Perfectly Imperfect) said...

@Justine I am NC15 in MAC as well but I can't use MAC foundations (aside from the Mineralize Skinfinish) because they break me out. I will definitely try out the Linen colour! Thanks for the tip :)

@Alice I know! So annoying. The SPF is quite low compared to other foundations but for some reason this washes me out in pictures. In person the foundation is actually slightly DARKER than my neck so that just shows how much it flashes back. I like it for everyday but it probably is not a special occassion foundation.

@Anonymous Great question. I apply it two different ways. Sometimes I use my fingers to work it in really well and the heat from my fingers helps to blend it into the skin for a lighter coverage. I also use a stiple brush by placing a small amount on the back of my hand and then working it into the brush bristles. This gives more coverage than using your fingers, but it also helps you control how much product you put down, unlike the traditional foundation brush.


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