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Perfectly Imperfect Beauty: March In & Out

Friday, April 1, 2011

March In & Out

Time for monthly hits and misses!


  1. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine
    I have been using Boy and Canotier the most (full review coming ASAP)

  2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Bone
    Finally found a good colour match. So long Ecru!

  3. Benefit Bella Bamba Blush
    I am getting in the mood for Spring with bright blushes blended seamlessly into the skin for a lifting and radiant glow.

  4. Physician Formula Happy Booster Bronzer
    Adds the perfect amount of colour for a healthy complexion. (review to come)

  5. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume
    And oldie but a goodie.

  6. CHI Silk Infusion Hair Serum
    This winter weather has sucked all moisture from my hair and this serum has saved me from a perpetual frizz-fest.

  7. Nike Free TR Fit Training Shoe
    This shoe has vastly improved my workout routine at the gym. Perfect for taking classes and weight training.

  8. Bold Lipstick Colours
    Pulled out my MAC Rebel and have been wearing it proudly. So happy to see bold lip colours this season!

  9. Dermalogica Skincare
    I have spoken about this product line numerous times since I started using it in the summer after having my skin mapped at Ulta, but I am continually amazed by how well it works. I recently started using the Dermal Clay Cleanser at night and I am in love. Full post to come soon. 


  1. Black clothing
    I am stepping out of a rut after observing that 60% of my closet is full of clothes appropriate for a funeral.

  2. Nude Lipstick
    I have been opting for softer pinks, peaches, and blushes. I am tired of seeing blanked out and brown tinted lips. Just a personal preference.

  3. Bronchitis
    I was completely incapacitated over Spring Break and I am still fighting to have my voice fully restored. This cough lingers and I am not one who responds well to being unproductive.

  4. Boots from Payless Shoes
    This is more about me being completely annoyed than against Payless Shoes as a whole. In the past month I have had 2 pairs of boots have their heels come unglued (one very untimely at a concert), and another have the "leather" of the heel start to peel up (because that looks professional). There are certain marks at Payless that last a long time and others that will just make it through a season. Good thing Spring is on its way in. 



At April 2, 2011 at 11:19 AM , Blogger Shadowy Lady said...

this is a great list Lydia. I still have not ghotten any RC shines :/ maybe coz i'm saving to buy a bottle Chanel Coco, lol! Oh and I'm lovin the pic of Tim Gunn, he's my fave TV personality :)

At April 3, 2011 at 9:54 PM , Blogger Lydia said...

I love Tim and Project Runway!

At April 5, 2011 at 11:06 PM , Blogger TEA aka MonsterGirl said...

Luv this list, I completely understand with the payless crap shoes sometimes.. I also have a wardrobe appropriate for a funeral everyday of the month! color here we come =)

At April 5, 2011 at 11:32 PM , Blogger Lydia said...

I have made it 4 days without wearing black. Yay for progress! ...wait, black pants doesn't count right? LOL


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