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Perfectly Imperfect Beauty: Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

When I found out that my mom and sister were going to Seattle for the weekend, I sent them on a high-priority-across-the-border-mission: go to Ulta and pick up the Real Techniques makeup brushes for me. Go directly to Ulta. Do not stop at Starbucks or make a detour at the Cheesecake Factory. Food, hydration and bathroom breaks were not a priority. Time was of the essence as these brushes have been flying off the shelves. So, 3 hours and one encounter with a drag queen later, they had in their possession all the available brushes that Ulta had in stock and texted me that the mission was successful. 

This may be taking my adoration for makeup artist Samantha Chapman (famously one half of Pixiwoo) to new heights but she and these brushes deserve all the accolades and praise that one can come up with. Her collaboration with Paris Presents has produced cruelty-free and high quality brushes that will be a welcome addition to anyone's collection-from the novice to the seasoned makeup artist. 

As soon as I ripped into the boxes I sat stroking the bristles on my face for five minutes. Yes-they are that soft.

-no shedding or fraying
-each brush is hand cut so shapes are perfectly formed and quality controlled
-flawless, high definition results
-ultra-plush taklon bristles
-each brush is multi-functional and can be used with different product mediums
-fool proof colour coded system: orange for a flawless base, purple for enhanced eyes, and pink for a perfect finish

-foundation brushes too small for my personal preference. I prefer using them for concealer and cream cheek products
-distribution limited to US and select international sites
-brushes in sets are not sold separately
-standing base interesting feature but not really useful or convenient and makes larger brushes hard to fit in standard brush rolls

Powder Brush

Kabuki Brush: Used closed for powder and open for bronzer and contour

Blush Brush

Core Collection

-Detailer Brush for precision concealment, lipstick, detail work
-Pointed Foundation Brush for any liquid or cream product
-Buffing Brush ideal for full coverage application 
-Contour Brush can also be used for highlighting cheekbones and applying blush

Travel Essentials

-Essential Foundation Brush use with an liquid or emollient product
-Multi Task Brush
-Domed Shadow Brush fits well into the crease and applies all over colour smoothly and evenly

My Wishlist: 
-Stippling Brush (I have heard rumors that this will rival my great love for Sigma's HD brush)
-Starter Kit for the eyes



At May 18, 2011 at 2:39 AM , Blogger Marta said...

Very nice review! These brushes are beautiful! I'm planning to buy them.. I saw in a comment that Samantha said that they are sold even in UK (so in Europe) from the website:

At May 18, 2011 at 2:13 PM , Blogger Lydia said...

Yes, that are being sold in the UK now! The prices are slightly higher than they are in the US to account for the exchange but they are still very affordable in comparison to other brands. I hope you like them!


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