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Perfectly Imperfect Beauty: Copycats, Knockoffs, and Replicas-OH MY!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Copycats, Knockoffs, and Replicas-OH MY!

Already seamstresses around the world are earnestly at work trying to replicate the wedding dresses that Catherine Middleton wore on her wedding day. As I am not walking down the aisle anytime soon, I have no need for a wedding dress, but every girl likes a little bling in her life, right?

Today while browsing through the mall, I cam across this ring at Le Chateau, a Canadian clothing store:

Their website describes this $39.99 ring as "A famous ring with a regal pedigree, this replica of a Ceylon sapphire ringed by diamonds makes every woman feel royal." The stones are cubic zirconias and the rings is actually a very good quality piece of costume jewelery

I admit it-I was sorely tempted. But, alas, I resisted and pulled the ring off my finger (no harm trying it on and daydreaming of course). Truthfully, the main appeal of this ring is that Catherine wears it so beautifully (we all know how much I adore her style) and it is an internationally recognizable design. I love vintage style jewelery because it always feels like there is a romantic story behind it and this ring is no exception. 

So why didn't I buy it?
  1. I like things that are "inspired-by" but not "duplicate-of." I prefer to interpret different elements of people's style to fit my own and still keep my individuality. I don't want to be a look-alike of Catherine; I just like to draw inspiration from  her flawless taste and adjust it to suit my lifestyle and body shape.
  2. This ring is HUGE. Seriously, I wonder if her finger muscles cramp from wearing the real deal. Realistically, I would have no where to wear this beautiful yet slightly ostentatious replica. It would be a fun memento to mark the historic occasion and joke about with my future kids, but I can't justify spending $40.00 for a ring that will stay in my jewelry box. 

    What about you? Would you buy/wear a replica? 



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