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Review: Beautisol Anti-Aging Regime Part 1

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Perfectly Imperfect Beauty: Review: Beautisol Anti-Aging Regime Part 1

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Review: Beautisol Anti-Aging Regime Part 1

I was contacted by Beautisol, and anti-aging and self tanning company, about two months ago about their new sun damage reversal and anti-ageing product line. After doing some research on their company (which I always do before agreeing to a review) I was very impressed by their dedication to quality and reputation. Their anti-aging line is a trio of products that help prevent collagen and elastin loss while helping to reduce the appreance of saggy skin.

I have been using their products for just over two weeks now and I am quite pleased. Although I am not the ideal candidate for anti-aging testing because I am still in my twenties, I do suffer from black circles and fine lines under my eyes (mostly from sleep deprivation and stress but also partly genetic). I thought I would turn this review into a bit of an experiment so this will be a two-parter. I have tested all three of the products on myself for two weeks and will share those results today. I have recruited my gorgeous mother to test these products for the next two weeks and will record her findings here and the end of her trial. So let's get to the good stuff!

The Products (Company Descriptions)

1) Bright Eyed-No Needles Required

This luxurious, powerful, unique eye mousse is packed with the latest and most innovative anti-aging peptides, nourishing ingredients and firming agents. BRIGHT EYED works underneath the skin to feed, plump and strengthen the delicate skin around the eyes. You can also pair this with EYE WANT, which focuses on resurfacing and minimizing wrinkles. You’ll see incredible results that give you a more vibrant, youthful appearance.
BRIGHT EYED successfully pairs 5% Argireline®, a well-known peptide that aids in decreasing expression lines, and 5% Leuphasyl®, another effective peptide in wrinkle reduction for the combined effort in reducing the appearance of expression lines. But nourishing and feeding the eye area is just as important! Borage Oil contains the highest GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) concentration of any oil and helps to increase cell resilience and moisten the fatty layer under the skin. Along with ChroNOline and other botanicals, BRIGHT EYED delivers a multitude of beauty benefits such as preventing collagen loss, soothing dry, scaly skin and firming the eye area.

2) Eye Want-Crow`s Feet Be Gone
Want to get rid of those pesky crow’s feet, AKA fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes? Want an eye product that works like Botox but does not require a doctor’s appointment! Of course you do! EYE WANT is a complete anti-wrinkle formula specifically designed to tackle all those damaged areas from the surface of the skin inwards. This high-powered formula works to rejuvenate damaged skin layers via deep exfoliation while nourishing the new skin cells. Use at night only alone or combined with Beautisol’s BRIGHT EYED eye mousse, which focuses on rejuvenating from the inside out, you’ll see amazing results that give you a younger, healthier appearance. EYE WANT’s advanced formula contains 10% Snap-8 (the maximum recommended dosage), a newer offspring of the highly acclaimed Argirilene®. It is clinically proven to reduce crow’s feet by up to 63% as it targets muscle contractions. Another peptide ingredient that targets muscle contractions, Inyline, is added for extra fighting power so you can rest-assured you are fighting those wrinkles head on. But why stop there? EYE WANT also contains a special encapsulated Retinol to provide deep exfoliation in combination with Edelweiss Stems Cells and Antarcticine, all of which effectively resurfacing and reducing the appearance of those pesky wrinkles.

3) 99% Pure Peptide Rescue Serum
Sun damage is the number one cause (at 90%) of all premature aging and skin wrinkling. It is also is the primary cause of skin discoloration and loss of collagen and elasticity, sometimes making you look 10 to 20 years older than you are. The 99% Pure Peptide Rescue Serum is the newest and most advanced anti-aging and sun damage reversal product on the market.
We have combined eight cutting edge peptides to address all aspects of aging. Matrixyl™ 3000 and SYN®-COLL promote collagen synthesis while Peptamide™ 6 firms and tones the skin. Argireline®. Leuphasyl® and SNAP-8 band together to reduce and prevent wrinkles. Melanostatine®5 brightens photo-damaged skin while Aldenine® protects against further harmful UV damage. Don’t let age and past sun exposure hold you back… All you need is a little rescuing!

My Review

There isn't enough money in this world to pay me to put a Botox needle anywhere near my face. It is  never going to happen. I`m not criticising anyone who has chosen the Botox route-it is simply not for me. I am an expressive person and the idea of my face being immobilized and incapable of fully relaying my emotions scares me. I love Julia Robert's philosophy on Botox that she shared with Elle Magazine: "I want my kids to know when I am pissed, when I'm happy and when I'm confounded. Your face tells a story and it shouldn't be a story about your drive to the doctor's office."

That being said, I am not against anti-aging products, especially those like Beautisol that help to repair damage. I think there is a difference between attempting to stop the aging process and trying to age gracefully. There is something poetic about laugh lines that tells a story about your life. But I digress.

As I mentioned above, my main complaint is the raccoon eyes that I have to cover every morning or else I will be scaring young children into thinking I am the creature from the Blue Lagoon. In a matter of days, I began noticing a definite improvement in the puffiness and pigmentation underneath my eyes as well as how pronounced the stress lines were. I first began to notice that instead of having a blue/bruised look, the pigmentation under my eye was more red and lighter. After a few more days the hyperpigmentation had decreased even more and some of the puffiness and lines around the outer eye began to fade.

Beautisol provides a very comprehensive step-by-step guide to follow when using these three products together. I did not suffer any adverse reactions aside from some slight redness from the retinol in EYE WANT and some initial tingling. At first, I thought there was some minor numbness where I applied the EYE WANT, but this sensation quickly disappeared. I switched to using EYE WANT every other day and that gave my skin some time to acclimatise. All three of these products absorbed very quickly into the skin and did not leave behind any greasy residue. I did find the peptide serum the most moisturizing and had to remember to use it sparingly as my t-zone can sometimes be oily. I loved the radiance that these products brought out of my skin and how the areas I applied it to felt firmer.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this review for mature skin!



At November 10, 2010 at 8:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was completely freaked out when I went home last summer and my mum said she had gotten botox on her forehead (you know, where you get those '11' shaped frown lines). But the more she talked about it the more I understood it. My mum is generally a really happy person but she developed wrinkles that always made her look mad and frowny. So she got this and looked like herself again. It totally changed my opinion on botox. Plus it helped get rid of her headaches!! But I still can't handle the thought of not being able to move my face muscles. Ew.


At November 10, 2010 at 8:45 PM , Blogger Perfectly Imperfect said...

What really bothers me about Botox is that women in their 20s and 30s are getting it done out of paranoia. It looks particularly unnatural when it is injected in the lip area-your mouth is meant to move when you speak! Also needles near my face freak me out. LOL!

At November 11, 2010 at 7:15 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah. And hearing about women in their 20s completed freaks me out. That is wrong. You do not have wrinkles that might even POTENTIALLY need fixing at that point in time.

Actually, my doctor has brought it up as a potential thing to help my headaches. But I would do other stuff first.

Needles aren't an issue for me. I'm actually kind of interested in acupuncture, esp on your neck, scalp and face.

At November 11, 2010 at 7:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, google has just merged their business account and their regular accounts. I can now comment with my traf email!

At November 11, 2010 at 9:11 PM , Blogger Perfectly Imperfect said...

I have done acupuncture a few times and I really liked it! It helped me a lot and I would totally do it again.


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