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Perfectly Imperfect Beauty: Who, What, Wear, How?: Lipstains and Felt Tips

Monday, April 18, 2011

Who, What, Wear, How?: Lipstains and Felt Tips

We all know that I went through a lipstain phase last summer. I think I have tried fairly close to every lipstain on the market and only a few made it through my rigorous testing. I definitely have my personal preferences but I have found that the packaging is almost as important as the actual product when it comes to these types of products. 

Laura: Hey there, I'm looking for the perfect hot pink lip stain and Lise Watier is one brand I've come across. I am hesitant to purchase it, though, only because I've had bad experiences with make-up that comes in a felt-tipped marker form as it dries out within a few wears/weeks. I know this is a complaint with the Tokidoki and Josie Maran's stains. Did you find this with the Lise Watier stains as well? Please let me know! :)

Me: Hi Laura! Great questions. Unfortunately, this is the primary fault in any product that is packaged with a felt tip pen. Unless they are stored standing up with the felt tip pointed downwards, they tend to dry out more quickly than the average product. If you are looking for a great lip stain (especially hot pink) then I HIGHLY recommend the Tarte lipstains. They come in two different finishes-glossy and matte- and because they apply like a lip balm they don't dry out. I own both formulations and the pinks are rich in pigmentation and very flattering. 



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