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Guest Post #2 for Annabelle Cosmetics: Grey Expectations

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Perfectly Imperfect Beauty: Guest Post #2 for Annabelle Cosmetics: Grey Expectations

Monday, January 31, 2011

Guest Post #2 for Annabelle Cosmetics: Grey Expectations

My second guest post for the Annabelle Cosmetics Blog is now live! If you would like to see the article first hand and check out their amazing blog, follow this link. (See post #1 here)

Grey Expectations

For most people, the colour grey is synonymous with dull, dreary, uninspired, and boring. Prepare to change your perception on this colour because granite, graphite, stone, and soot are taking over the runways.

Hazy grey lids and architectural slate eyes were spotted at the following Spring 2011 Ready To Wear runway shows: Gianfranco FerréGiorgo ArmaniJean Paul GaultierJohn Galliano, and Marc Jacobs. Coincidence that most of these designers have “Gs” in their name for “grey”? I think not. In other words: TREND ALERT!

Grey is a universally flattering colour and, when it is used right, it can bring dimension (and attention) to your peepers. If you find that greys look too stark on your skin, blend a warm tone neutral or brown into your crease to soften the edges and bring more definition to your socket line.

I convinced my gorgeous sister to sit as my model so I could demonstrate some fun and easy grey evening looks for you to create at home:

Look 1: Glimmer Grey

A grey eye doesn’t always have to be opaque and dense. By layering a lighter and more iridescent shade over a dark base, you will add luminosity and depth to your look. Flat one dimensional smokey eyes won’t stand a chance against this glimmering grey lid. Let your radiance shine through!

What I Used:

Look 2: Graphic Grey

Dark slate around the eye frames the lash bed, making your eyelashes look fuller and more luscious. The double winged liner elongates and the eye and gives a sultry feel to this evening look.

What I Used:



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