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Perfectly Imperfect Beauty: Review: Too Faced Romantic Eye Classic Beauty Collection

Friday, February 4, 2011

Review: Too Faced Romantic Eye Classic Beauty Collection

After two defective palettes and round trips to Sephora, I finally got this baby home. I truly love the Too Faced Shadow Collections (previous two reviewed here), so when I saw that they had released a fourth I was quick to get to Sephora. 

compared to the Neutral and Naked Eye Collections

I purchased my first palette the day of the Chanel Spring Launch, but unfortunately that one was not a keeper. When I got home I noticed a fine powder sifting out of the packaging and discovered that the top large shadow had shattered in transit. I brought it back to Sephora the next day and they replaced it with another dud. Once again, when we opened the product at the counter, the top shadow was flaking away. The third time seemed to be the charm but, once again, the top shadow seemed to be temperamental and I had to press it firmly into place (as evidenced by the thumb print in the pictures).

 From left to right: Soulmates (shimmering nectar), I Do (smoky taupe), Unveil (smoldering coal), Kiss the Bride (pink petal), Cut the Cake (heathered mist), First Dance (midnight orchid), Bouquet Toss (babys breath), Honeymoon (gilded fern), Ever After (spicy chocolate)

That problem aside, this is a lovely and whimsical palette at a great price ($46 Canadian) considering you receive 3 large shadows and 6 small shadows, plus 3 tutorial cards. The only difference between this box set and the other 3 in the collection is that it does not have a small drawer with a sponge tip applicator (no great loss).

-Mix of soft matte and rich pearl textures 
-Cool tones lets all the shades compliment each other and are suitable for most skintones (although I think this palette is best for fair-medium skintones)
-Adorable packaging. The graphic is the same for all the palettes except with different colour accents. I don't mind this because it makes them easily identifiable but others think this is a con regarding lack of originality.)
-Medium but buildable pigmentation
-4-6 hours full pigmented wear time when worn on top of a base

-Matte shades can apply a little chalky so make sure to blend and build pigmentation in thin layers
-Top shadow is not very consistent (in terms of packaging) from palette to palette



At February 13, 2011 at 1:02 AM , Blogger J. said...

I have the Naked Eye palette (which I absolutely adore!) and I bought the Natural Eye palette as a gift. Of the three, which palette do you like the best?

At February 13, 2011 at 1:19 AM , Blogger Lydia said...

My favourite (and most used) is the Natural Eye Palette, but they are all great.


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