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Perfectly Imperfect Beauty: January 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

Guest Post #2 for Annabelle Cosmetics: Grey Expectations

My second guest post for the Annabelle Cosmetics Blog is now live! If you would like to see the article first hand and check out their amazing blog, follow this link. (See post #1 here)

Grey Expectations

For most people, the colour grey is synonymous with dull, dreary, uninspired, and boring. Prepare to change your perception on this colour because granite, graphite, stone, and soot are taking over the runways.

Hazy grey lids and architectural slate eyes were spotted at the following Spring 2011 Ready To Wear runway shows: Gianfranco FerréGiorgo ArmaniJean Paul GaultierJohn Galliano, and Marc Jacobs. Coincidence that most of these designers have “Gs” in their name for “grey”? I think not. In other words: TREND ALERT!

Grey is a universally flattering colour and, when it is used right, it can bring dimension (and attention) to your peepers. If you find that greys look too stark on your skin, blend a warm tone neutral or brown into your crease to soften the edges and bring more definition to your socket line.

I convinced my gorgeous sister to sit as my model so I could demonstrate some fun and easy grey evening looks for you to create at home:

Look 1: Glimmer Grey

A grey eye doesn’t always have to be opaque and dense. By layering a lighter and more iridescent shade over a dark base, you will add luminosity and depth to your look. Flat one dimensional smokey eyes won’t stand a chance against this glimmering grey lid. Let your radiance shine through!

What I Used:

Look 2: Graphic Grey

Dark slate around the eye frames the lash bed, making your eyelashes look fuller and more luscious. The double winged liner elongates and the eye and gives a sultry feel to this evening look.

What I Used:


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) Awards 2011 Best Hair and Beauty

Dianna Agron

Claire Danes

Mila Kunis

Jayma Mays

Tina Fey


Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) Awards 2011 Best Dressed

I wasn't overly impressed with the fashion at this year's SAG Awards, but the looks I loved were truly gorgeous.  

1) Dianna Agron in Chanel Haute Couture
I am loving every single Dianna Agron moment from the past two award seasons. This is a fashion maven to keep your eye on!

2) Claire Danes in Louis Vuitton

3) Mila Kunis in Alexander McQueen

4) Tina Fey in Oscar de la Renta

5) Amy Adams in Hervé L. Leroux

6) Hilary Swank in Versace


Review: Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss

I adore Revlon Colorburst lipsticks so of course I was curious about the gloss additions to this range. Revlon claims that these glosses cause "Lips that shine with killer color. This weightless gloss makes lips pop with 5x more shine than patent leather." Hmmm. In my opinion that is an impressive exaggeration, but these are really lovely glosses all the same. 

left to right: Peony, Orchid, Bordeaux


These glosses are easily identified by the signature Colorburst quilting on the lid (of course I had to photograph them on the side where it doesn't show *sigh*). I really like the luxe look and feel of the packaging. The star of this product is hands down the applicator. It has a slight curvature that molds perfectly the lips and ensures a smooth and even application. 


This product is interesting because it is pigmented without being opaque; in fact, it is a sheer formulation but the colour still is evident. Sounds contradictory, doesn't it? I think that they compliment the Colorburst lipsticks perfectly as a topcoat.Worn on their own they don't have much longevity (approximately 2 hours), but if you don't mind reapplying they stand well on their own. All of the glosses have very refined micro-shimmer that isn't gritty or abrasive. The formula is slightly sticky, but not offensively so. There are 15 shades in this new range, so you are bound to find one that suits your needs. I would definitely purchase more colours from this line, but the three I have work for almost any look. 


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spring Beauty Trends 2011

If you saw my CHANEL Spring Collection post (here) you would already know that I attended a Spring Trend Seminar last night. I took some notes which I would love to share with you all. The one point that was continually reiterated was that, unlike Autumn/Winter 2010, there aren't 3 set trends. This season is all about taking risks, breaking rules, and experiencing colour. There are the major trends (listed below), but each individual is personalizing and interpreting it for themselves, so there isn't really a "wrong" way or a "right" way. 

1) Fluorescent and Bright Eyes

To make this more wearable for "street" life vs the runway, apply a sheer wash of your preferred shade and keep the lips to a very neutral pink or peach.

2) Geisha Bright Lips

Both glossy and matte shades in rich bright colours (orange, fuchsia, magenta, siren red) with a completely naked eye and light liner for some definition.

3) Monochromatic Smokey Eyes

Use one colour dark along the lashline and feather it up to the eyebrow. Either apply a gradient affect of the same colour or keep it opaque, but there is little or no highlighting or contouring colours. This look is bold and edgy with a very natural deconstructed brow. There is no blush, just light contouring.

4) 70s Revival

Very natural skin that is more radiant than dewy, bronze contour and glowing peach cheeks. Hair is big, bouncy, and feathered.

5) Hair Pulled Back

Either pulled back in a natural and relaxed updo, sleek bun or pinned away from the face with hair accessories (especially art deco barrettes).

6) Real Women, Real Skin

If you have great skin, let it show through. Minimal coverage and luminous finishes are the skin trend this season.


Chanel Spring 2011: Les Perles de Chanel

Last night I attended a Spring Makeup and Fashion Trend Seminar at CHANEL. It was a wonderful evening with lovely hors d'oeuvres, live demonstrations, trend reviews, and gorgeous products. We were all sent away with swag bags full of amazing product samples (will be reviewing each of those separately). I brought my mom with me (we were long overdue for a Girl's Night Out), and we each bought products with the intention of sharing our goodies instead of buying duplicates; so we amassed a good representation of what this collection has to offer. SIDENOTE: I will write my Spring Trends post separately and link it here.

In creating Les Perles de Chanel, Peter Philips,Global Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup, was inspired by Coco Chanel's belief that the light-reflecting property of pearls enhanced a woman’s natural beauty by bringing a delicate luminosity to her skin. Peter drew his colour palette from Tahitian pearls. There isn't a single product in this collection that isn't breathtaking   and superior in texture, colour, application and ingenuity. 

1. Ombres Perlées de CHANEL (Limited Edition)

If you were to indulge in any product from this collection, this would be the one. In some locations, this highly anticipated product sold out in a matter of minutes. What makes this quint so special? These are oil-free dry cream shadows. Sounds like a contradiction doesn't it? They are comprised of multi-dimensional pigments that    reflect different hues in varying light, just like pearls. I was forewarned not to use my fingers on this product (no matter how tempting the texture is) because they are quite delicate and the oils from your hands will compromise the integrity of the product over time. These shadows are crease-proof, smudge-proof, and other words, they are fool-proof.  **Note how in the pictures, the colours pick up different tones depending on the lighting**
2. Les 4 Ombres: Regardes Perles (Permanent)

This is a lovely quad that is perfect for any occasion. These shadows are a step up from some of my other CHANEL quads, which can sometimes be powdery. They have medium pigmentation, but can also be used wet if you want higher impact. My favourite shade is the blackened forest green, which will be perfect for a monochromatic smokey eye. 

3. Joues Contraste Espiegle

I am in blush heaven. This blush is so finely milled that it feels like silk. It applies seamlessly against the skin and adds a perfectly luminous and natural flush to the complexion. In my opinion, this wears best on light-medium skintones; darker skintones will require a heavier hand to achieve the same affect. Because it is a neutral peach colour, it can be worn with most lipstick or eyeshadow shades. 

4. Rouge Coco Jersey Rose

The same luxurious Rouge Coco formula that hooked me on the first swipe months ago

5. Nakkar and Aragonite Glossimers

This is my first foray into the land of CHANEL Glossimers. They are renowned for their buttery, non-sticky texture and kalediscope of micro-shimmer. I feel like Glossimers are the adult approach to lipgloss because they are subtle, yet still incredibly radiant. Aragonite is a perfect top coat for any lipstick. It adds vibrancy and mystery to any shade, so do not be fooled by the apparently bland white veneer. Glossimers are one of those unique products that can not be done justice in a photo.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Neutral Wars Pulling Out Big Guns: Urban Decay vs Too Faced

Neutral eyeshadows are a woman's best makeup friend. They take the guess work and doubt out of your makeup routine and will never let you down. Over the past year or so, cosmetic companies have been battling for supremacy with neutral eye shadow palettes and sets, the most notable being Urban Decay's Naked Palette.

I was one of the fortunate few to receive a Naked Palette last summer and it is probably my favourite of all makeup palettes. The Naked palette is perpetually out of stock as the masses have responded to all reviews that have labelled this "The MUST Have product." In fact, in response to the high demand Urban Decay released this statement:

I'm sure you have seen countless swatches for this product but just in case you have been living under a rock for, here are some extras:

-high caliber pigmentation, texture and blendabilty
-true metallic shades (unlike MAC Mega Metal Shadows)
-includes 2 matte shades for balance and blending
-versatility and universality of colours
-amount of product you get for the price is unparalleled
-comes with a sample size Primer Potion and double ended eyeliner (or brush)
-is now part of Urban Decay's permanent collection so you will be able to get one with a little patience
-portable and durable packaging

-Sidecar is a beautiful colour BUT it has bucket loads of fallout when applied, blended, and as it wears during the day. Use with caution!
-get on the waiting list ASAP. This palette doesn't stay in stock for long

If your patience is being sorely tested and you can't wait, I found two wonderful alternatives that have similar colours and price points:

I am a huge fan of the Too Faced Shadow Collections. Both the Natural Eye Collection and the Neutral Eye Collection have similar colours to the Urban Decay Naked Palette. (For a full review click here)

-adorable vintage inspired packaging
-step by step cue cards to achieve various looks
-great range of colours that translate well from daytime to nighttime
-very smooth and pigmented
-mix of matte, satin, and glittery shades
-easy to travel with (I brought mine to Mayan Riviera over the summer and didn't need anything else)

-not all of the colours are the same size
-Nude Beach has fallout (similar scenario to Sidecar in Naked Palette)
-some of the cream shades can look chalky and crease if not applied over a primer or base

Have you jumped on to the neutral palette bandwagon?